Luxury Coaching & Rehabilitation Care

Luxury Coaching & Rehabilitation Care

Luxury Coaching & Rehabilitation Care

We are a team of young people, well educated at pharmacology, psychology, psychiatry and physiotherapy.
We are based in the south part of Athens Greece.
Our treatment is based on coaching/ psychotherapy/ medication & exercise and includes a 15-days detox &
monitor 24/7 by an expert, followed by a period of therapeutic and relaxing activities.
We focus on each individual’s specific needs by getting to know them and by building a therapeutic relationship
based on trust and cooperation.
Our vision was to create a health center of excelence where every patient receives personalised treatment of
exceptional quality focused on their own special needs and life conditions.

·   Our goal is full recovery, not only remission

We know that detoxication is only the fist step to recovery. Discovering and resolving the issues that led you there and making thorough changes in the way yoy handle everyday challenges will make all the difference.
Research shows that a lot of patients will be able to achieve absistence from alcohol and/ or drugs at sometime in their lives, but only a few will preserve the good result. This usually happens through strategies and practices obtained by therapy.

·   We are experts in what we do

In order to provide our clients only the highest quality services, all of our staff and our partners are well-educated in their fields and have experience in working in mental health.

·  We provide 24/7 coaching and support

We understand that recovering can be a very complicating and demanding process and special needs might show up unexpectedly. An expert will be available 24/7 to help you through and support you during your stay with us.

·  We want you to stay healthy

Marieva health care was created to help people with addiction and mental health issues not only to overcome their current problems but also to build an every-day life beyond the therapy, adjusted to a healthy lifestyle, incorporating the practices acquired by treatment and coaching.
We define recovery not only by the absence of dysfunction and disability but also by personal growth and discovering your full potential.

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2 Stars includes:

  • residence
  • food(in the house,breakfast,lunch,dinner)
  • gym
  • psychiatric sessions every week/ group therapy once a week
  • massage twice a week
  • proper medication

3 Stars includes:

All the 2-stars provisions plus:

  • massage 4 times a week
  • personal care*
  • excursions
  • personal trainer
  • physiotherapist