Mr. Panagiotis Fanis

Mr. Panagiotis Fanis

Mr. Panagiotis Fanis

Education & Academic Qualifications

10/05-07/12: Bachelor Degree on “Natural Sciences”, School of Science and Technology, Hellenic Open University,, Patras
09/87-06/89: Diploma of Vocational Training as “Assistant at medical and biochemical laboratories”, Athens

Work Experience

  • Hygeia Hospital S.A., Athens

Position: Laboratory Assistant, Department of Hematology Clinic 

  • Responsible for collection of blood or blood components or derivatives . Therapeutic Apheresis Spesialist : concertation of stem cells, plasmapheresis, blood cells apheresis, leukapheresis 
  • Performing immunological, microbiological, urochemical, parasitological, biochemical, and hematological tests using Medilab & SAP
  • Draw blood
  • Managing and organizing personal laboratory 
  • Managerial duties
  • Training new group of employees (i.e. biologists) on laboratory methods for diagnostic analysis results
  • Billing laboratory tests
  • 401 Military Hospital of Athens
  • Position: Laboratory Technician, Department specialized in Thalassemia (Military Service)
  • Blood specimen handling and measurement of biomarkers
Military center for biochemical research, Cytology Laboratory
Position: Laboratory Technician, Department for quality tests 
Military Hospital of Samos 
Position: Laboratory Technician, Microbiological laboratory
  • Managing and implementing specialized tests in collaboration with other laboratories 

   Position: Laboratory Technician of Department of Urianalysis and parasitological examinations

2012-2000:  Position: Laboratory Technician-Department of Central Laboratories 
  • Organizing employees’ time schedule and checking their worksheets 
  • Performing tests for biological liquids and evaluation for antibiograms
2006-2010: Position: Internal Inspector ISO (9001:2000), Department of Central Laboratories
1993-2003: Municipal Health Clinics at Chalandri and Agia Paraskevi 

Position: Laboratory Technician at diagnostic laboratories for hematological and urochemical tests 

1993-1995: Hygeia Hospital 

Position: Laboratory Technician

1995-2010:  Hygeia Hospital 

Position: Laboratory Technician: Serological Department 

  • Performing internal and external quality control of a department. 
  • Handling blood samples with immunofluorescence method as well as using fluorescence microscopy

Lifelong learning and education

  • Training on “Parasitological examination on biological samples», National School of Public Health, 6 months
  • Training on «blood cells apheresis and on plasmapheresis» ,‘‘Hygeia Hospital’’
  • Training on “concertation of stem cells for transplantation”, Unit for Transplantation of bone marrow, ‘‘Evangelismos Hospital’’ Athens General Hospital
  • Training on «Blood Donation», National Center for Blood donation, General Hospital of Athens “Laiko”  
  • Certification as a Quality Inspector on “Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000”, TUV Hellas, 2001 
  • Certified training on quality management systems JCI, Hygeia Hospital 

Workshop Announcements 

  • “CT findings of influenza A (H1N1) pneumonia in adults and prognostic correlation”, F. Laspas, D. Adamou, P. Fanis, V. Filippi, D. Savvidou, N.Kritikos, A. Roussakis, K. Georgilis, J, Andreou London, ESTI 2012
  • “The role of initial chest radiographs in patient with influenza A (H1N1) infection.F” . Laspas, D. Adamou, P. Fanis, R. Efthimiadou, D. Kehagias, C. Mourmouris, A. Roussakis, K. Georgilis, J. Andreou , London, ESTI 2012,
  • “Clincal and laboratory findings from patients with flu during the winter period of 2012-2013”, Α.Cako, Th.Parisis, Π. Fanis ,Ζ.Andreadakis, Κ. Sulas, Χ. Dukas, Κ.Georgilis. 14ο Panhellenic Conference of Hellenic Society for Infectious Diseases, March, 2014

Participation in conferences & Workshops

03/11-05/11/2016:  27ο PanHellenic Hematologic Conference, Thessaloniki 
13/05-15/05/2016:  9ο PanHellenic Conference for Transfusion Therapy
12/11-14/11/15:  26ο PanHellenic Hematologic Conference, Athens
17/10-19/10/13: 5ο PanHellenic Conference for Medical Biochemistry -Symposium for laboratory hematology– blood donation, Hellenic Society for Medical Biochemistry, Athens
05/05/2007: 12th Postgraduate Workshop for Τεχνολόγους “Up-to-date issues for Medical Biopathology”, Medical Society for Biopathology of Northern Greece
12/02/2005: 6th Workshop for blood cells apheresis, 5ο PanHellenic Conference for Clinical Chemistry, Hellenic Society for blood cells apheresis, Athens
18/11-21/11/04: 5ο PanHellenic Conference for Clinical Chemistry
29/03-31/3/00: Seminar for Immunology “Proteins from Biological Liquids-Laboratory Investigation and Applications”, Greek Society for Immunology
16/05/1998: 7th Postgraduate Meeting for Τεχνολόγους ‘Up-to-date issues for Medical Biochemistry” Medical Society for Biopathology of Northern Greece 
13/11-15/11/98: 13ο Postgraduate seminar for medical biopathology, Hellenic Society for Microbiology, Thessaloniki 

Professional Memberships

  • Association of Greek Physicists (Member since 2012)