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Medical Oncology


M.Sc. in Molecular Medicine,M.D. with distinction (Honours Degree) University of Athens

D/Director of dental implants

Dr. Dimitrios Zambaras

Clinical Implantology, Guided Bone Regeneration,

Prosthetic Restoration with Dental Implants, Sinus Lift Proccedures-Evolution of the technique, Treatment of Sinus Membrane perforation-destruction.

Specialist in NutriGenomics

Dr. Antonia J. Moutafi

Show how nutrition principles apply to patients in real-word practice, and how dietary change may provide a safe approach to improving physical and mental health.Demonstrate how nutrition may be used in alleviating and controlling the symptoms of chronic diseases


Dr. Kalliroe Fragkou

Characterization of the ability of Enniattins to bind Potassium antd their possible ionophoretic potential. Communication, teamwork, problem solving and time management.

Plastic surgeon

Dr. Evangelos Bellonias

Our partnership will be ongoing, starting with the design of your treatment through to your postop care and finally to your full recovery and beyond.  My aim is to enable my patients to evaluate the benefits and limitations of any treatment or surgery they may consider.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Konstantinos Tsampazis

Sports Medicine, Shoulder surgery (arthroscopic and open), Knee surgery (arthroscopic and open), Ankle surgery (arthroscopic and open), Elbow surgery (arthroscopic and open). New technics of arthroscopic therapy of shoulder and knee injuries.

Head of Laser Depilation Division

Dr. Marina Spyranti

The GentleLase Pro-U system provides a better aesthetic result faster, more accurately and painlessly, while it offers added protection of the skin from undesired thermal damage.

Obstetrician – Gynecologist

Dr. Konstantinos Velentzas

Clinical value of preoperative lymphoscintigraphy in patients with early cervical cancer considered for intraoperative lymphatic mapping


Dr. Gabriela Gainarou

Hematologists are involved in many of the therapies, treatments, and procedures related to blood and bone marrow.

Medical Tourism Consultant

Mr. Dimitrios Shistohilis

  Health and Wellness tourism is a big industry based on many small and medium businesses, individual solopreneurs and foreign investments.


(Studies in Natural Sciences)

Mr. Panagiotis Fanis

Therapeutic Apheresis Spesialist : concertation of stem cells, plasmapheresis, blood cells apheresis, leukapheresis. Immunological, microbiological, urochemical, parasitological, biochemical, and hematological tests

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